Registration for Research & Education License

The AristaFlow BPM Suite is provided free of charge for Research and Educational purposes.

As registered Research and Education user you can use the AristaFlow software and as registered member of the AristaFlow forum, you are also granted access to additional information, including

  • Screencasts
  • Additional educational material
  • Examples for processes and activities
  • Access to the AristaFlow Forum for Research and Education


Licence Types

With the Teaching Licence you will receive the licence for the full AristaFlow BPM suite package. To access the download area and to get an extended overview on what you can do with the AristaFlow BPM Suite, please refer to the AristaFlow Forum. Additionally, you will find a step by step tutorial there on how to develop your own process templates. Please select this option if you like to use the software in education (e.g. lectures, assignments). Note that this licence is restricted to localhost use only.

The Full Research and Educational Licence comprises the teaching licence and provides in addition the AristaFlow API for developing own extensions, like e.g. new components or extending the applications using plug-ins. Choose this option if you like to use the BPM Suite in research or student labs for buildung your own processes, for implementing your own research prototypes and for implementing own activities and plug-ins.

Optional: We further offer 1- or 2-day cost-effective workshops comprising various topics from basic instructions for process modelling up to a collaborative start of the implementation of your research prototype. This allows for a fast introduction into the complex and powerful tools and if necessary into the comprehensive API, saving you a lot of your valuable time. If you are interested in a workshop, please specify this in your licence request.

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